What Customers Are Saying

"I received your follow up email, and wanted to let you know the report was helpful and accurate last time. I wanted to check if you regularly do petrol engine oil analysis, as I think the technician thought it was a diesel engine at first. He phoned me and was really helpful/friendly, he asked me about the high titanium level in the sample, and this was explainable by the use of Castrol Edge 0-40. The new formula is titanium enriched to assist in wear reduction. I have recently switched to Penrite 0-50 ten 10ths full synthetic, so if your happy to do the petrol stuff I will ask for another kit shortly to check out how it is going."

Andy B
Nerang 11/11/2012

"Thanks to your test we were able to pick up bearing wear and we were able to save the engine from any serious damage. The lab results were pretty accurate and the engine is currently out of the car being rebuilt with no damage to the crank, pistons, rods, bores ect.. In a few months time I will do another test with you guys as a follow up."

Dimitrios P
Ascot Vale 10/11/2012

"I found the ordering process straight forward and the instructions for actually taking the oil sample were very easy to follow and the kit worked well although I did spill a little oil when withdrawing the tubing from the dipstick.

I was concerned by the high sodium content highlighted in my report but once I had passed on the details of the oil I was using from my mechanic I was relieved to be informed that the high sodium was expected and not indicative of an coolant leak. I plan to do an annual test on my Corolla and pass this information on to any prospective buyers when I sell the car in a couple of years as evidence of the 'hopefully' good condition of the engine.

A great product for car owners like myself who want to know what is going on under the bonnett and save money without getting dirty"

Jenine E
Duncraig, Australia 24/8/2011

"My Astra has been a problem car from the day we got it. My wife found out about Roktex through some friends at work. I gave it a go and found that my worst fears were realized. Suffice it to say that I am going to get rid of this lemon!"

James S
Kingsley, Australia 31/10/2011

"I was delighted to receive a clean report from Roktex on my Pajero having just bought it on auction. The vehicle looks in great nick externally and now I have confidence that all is well on the inside."

Matt C
Duncraig, Australia 19/9/2011

"Great product. Easy to order, easy to use and my test results included some straight forward and easy to understand recommendations! I will be performing regular oil tests to keep on top of what is going on in my Patrol as I expect a lot from it since I spend a lot of time offroad."

Chris H
Karinyup, Australia 01/01/2011

As a Land Rover owner, the topic of oil is always one which generates a bit of conversation. The Roktek process for oil sampling was certainly a different conversation to the usual ones, and it was good to get a sense of whats going well and what's potentially an issue with the motor.

The results for the Discovery had a couple of indicators above normal, on investigation these proved to be as a result of the short trips (daily driver to the local train station), lesson learned is that the motor needs to have a decent run more frequently, this is now built into the routines and as a result an otherwise hidden issue is now known and understood.

Good service from the Roktek team and a great product for the motoring enthusiast!


"I drive a V8 turbo diesel Landcruiser. As modern turbo diesel engines are fussier about the oil they use (and the quality), added to the fact that I use it extensively offroad in dusy conditions - I figured an oil test would be worthwhile.

The oil was approx 11,000km old, and included travel in Cape York and the Red Centre. The process of ordering the sample kit, taking and posting the sample, and then receiving the test results was smooth and painless, thankyou. The test results were easy to understand.

Oh - the oil results were good too. Better than I expected for oil with that usage."