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Oil Testing

A quick, inexpensive way to gauge the health of an engine by analysing what's in the oil.
People use oil analysis for different reasons:

  • Are there problems developing in your engine?
  • Is the oil working as it should?
  • Could you be extending your oil changes?
  • How is your engine wearing compared to similar engines?

Benefits of Using Roktex Oil Sampling

  • Save money with proven technology used in mining, freight and manufacturing industries - now available from Roktex at discounted prices to all engine owners.
  • Spot abnormalities and minor problems before they become costly or even dangerous.
  • Detect contaminants that can damage your engine such as water, dirt, fuel soot and many more.
  • Acknowledged as the cheapest way of detecting and monitoring engine wear.

Don't delay, don't let it be a costly mistake and catch unwanted problems early. Remember it is easy with Roktex.

Example Laboratory Report
image of sample report

Motor Vehicle Owners

Oil analysis can identify any problems developing in your engine long before they cause you an expensive headache.
Perhaps you'd just like to get a good look at the wear levels present in your engine.
Out of warranty? Do you really need to be changing your oil and servicing your vehicle every 5000km as your service centre recommends?
Are your oil and air filters doing a good job?
We can answer these questions and more when you submit a sample of your engine oil for analysis.

Boat Owners

Engine oil analysis is particularly valuable to boat owners given that marine four stroke engines are also often affected by poor ventilation, exposure to sea water, long periods of dormancy during winter alternating with heavy usage in favourable weather.

Motorcycle Owners

We are seeing an increase in the number of motorcycles being analysed for wear.
Many bike owners are also interested in the performance of the oil brand they are using.

Other Engines

We also provide oil analysis services to manufacturing companies, mining companies, freight companies and farmers on a wide variety of equipment.

Other Services

In addition to engine oil analysis we also analyse transmission, gear boxes, generators, compressors and transformers.

Grab your oil test kit now!

Find out the real condition of your engine?
1. Order a sampling kit online here.
2. You will not require any additional tools or equipment to take a sample with our easy to use kit.
3. Take an oil sample through the dip stick.
4. Post sample in postage paid envelope provided.
5. The sample is delivered to our oil analysis laboratories.
6. We will send you the report along with recommendations when the analysis is complete. The report and recommendations cost only $45.00 + GST